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Car, Sound Insulation, and Two Smoking Barrels

During this experiment, we decided to raise the problem of car body stiffening by means of vibration absorbing materials.

Some two decades ago, the car body metal thickness was 1.5 - 2 mm. Modern cars have less than 1 mm, therefore even insignificant mechanical impact, for example a bouncing stone, can make a dent.

For soundproofing, the first layer applied to the car body metal is a vibration absorbing material. So we decided to test how an installed vibration absorber impacts on the sheet metal thickness.

We cut out five steel plates of the GAZ Volga roof (0.8 mm thick) to use them as target cards. Then we treated four of them with vibration absorbing materials, and the fifth one left as it was.

We used the materials:

  • StP Bimast Bomb Premium
  • StP Aero Plus
  • StP Mass'a Bass'a
  • and a secret bitumen material

With our target cards, we visited two local firing ranges: a gun club and an archery club. In the gun club, we were firing at our targets with a plain-barreled gun using 12-gauge rubber bullets from a distance of 10 m.

None of the metal plates were penetrated. The less damaged was the plate treated with Massa Bassa. However the results of Aero Plus and Bimast Bomb Premium were very close. The target without any vibration absorber on it got a dent two times deeper than those on the plates covered with StP materials.

The secret bitumen material demonstrated the best results: the plate deformation was three times lesser! Unfortunately, we can’t disclose the characteristics of the material as it is still being devised.

At the archery range, our target cards were shot with a bow and a cross bow and arrows by a professional archer from a distance of 4 -12 m.

The results were the same: steel plates with StP materials were much stiffer, and were less damaged from mechanical impact.

The increase of car body stiffness is very important. And we proved that vibration absorbing materials applied to metal make it firmer and more resistant to mechanical damage. And this is only one of many benefits you get from StP soundproofing. Watch our videos about noise and corrosion to get more information.


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