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Laboratory vs basement noise

Regular annoying noise; everyday torture lasting for months. Svetlana realized the importance of a good night’s sleep only when she lost it.

For several months, a woman living in an apartment house had been suffering from everyday noise penetrating into her apartment from God knows where. Svetlana is not a kind of person tolerating inconveniences, so she attempted to solve the problem. She talked to her neighbors, but it didn’t help finding the source of noise. Then the woman sent an application to the house management company, but it wasn’t eager to search for a solution. Svetlana felt that the company had something to do with the situation, but was not going to admit or confess. After several attempts to find an answer had failed, Svetlana submitted a complaint to Russian consumer health watchdog - it seemed to be the ultimate authority. But the developments were absurdly comical: the watchdog organization specialists came to inspect the building, but beforehand they had informed the management company, which turned off the noise source in the house right before the inspection.

At that stage, many people would have given up having decided that there was nothing to be done. But Svetlana is a type of person who always goes through thick and thin to get what she thinks she deserves. So she studied the legislation and found out that, first of all, there are sanitary standards and allowable noise levels in living spaces. They are formalized in several regulatory documents. And secondly, anyone can appeal to an independent laboratory to measure the noise level, and the results of this measurement can be submitted to and considered by the controlling agencies, such as the consumer health watchdog, a state housing inspectorate and the attorney office.

So, almost having lost her hope, Svetlana came to our lab. Our specialists measured the noise level in her apartment and the neighboring rooms, and found out that the actual noise level was 3 dB higher than the allowed noise level. Our specialists easily found the noise source - the heating unit in the basement. Now Svetlana is full of determination to proceed with protecting her rights.

Whatever bothers you - technical noises from communal areas or self-isolation parties of your neighbors - our laboratory is ready to help and carry out an independent measurement of noise level in your apartment.


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